Social services for preventing social exclusion and overcoming its consequences

From 1 June 2011 "Forum of the Regions" launched a project
"Social services for preventing social exclusion and overcoming its consequences" Contract No BG051PO001-5.2.07-0241-C-0001.


The project is funded by the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" 2007-2013, area of intervention 5.2: "Social services for preventing social exclusion and overcoming its consequences," co-funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union.


The project duration is 12 months with the total amount of 146 357,80 BGN. The overall objective of the project is to increase the opportunities for social inclusion and independent living for lonely living people by providing "social assistant" and "domestic work assistant".


The project aims at improving the quality of life of lonely, elderly and disabled people living in villages: Zverino, Ignatitsa and Gradeshnitsa, through providing quality care in a family environment and preventing them from falling into social exclusion by promoting communication.


The included specific objectives are expressed in:

- improving the emotional comfort of the served persons,

- improving the hygiene and living conditions in the consumer's home social services,

- overcoming the social isolation of older people and people with various disabilities, living in rural areas - Zverino, Ignatitsa and Gradeshnitsa,

- increasing public sensitivity to the problems of people from the target group involved in the project,

- increasing the qualification and the experience of those direct suppliers of the both social services involved in the project by conducting trainings for induction and maintenance.


In the project target group are included 50 people. These are people with disabilities and elderly people living alone and having difficulties in organizing their daily activities.


This project is realized with the financial support of Operational Programme for Human Resources Development, co-funded from the European Union through European Social Fund. All responsibility for implementing the project lies with the "Forum of the Regions".